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Volunteers are what give a community its Community Spirit. Doing things, because they have to be done, with no expectation of reward other than the feeling of a job well done and for a good cause, is something which happens over and over again in Commanda.

Installing the new sign, from L to R - Ron Nigrini, Peter Simola, Dave Littlejohns, Larry Hoffman, Carol Hoffman, Sara Callaway, Michael Hardy, Bob Meister, Ron Phillips

A few of the volunteers for the Christmas Bake Sale & Bazaar 2012...

Here are some ideas...

  • serve on the board
  • be a member of an organizing committee
  • help to actually run an event (making sandwiches, bar tending, taking tickets, to name a few)
  • help with building repairs
  • lawn and garden maintenance
  • start a group activity (bridge club for example)

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