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We have a “Green Policy” and encourage you to use the Centre’s dishes and cutlery.

    • be sure to wash, dry, and put away all dishes, etc.

If you do use paper plates, plastic cutlery or Styrofoam cups,

    • remove all of these items from the hall when you are finished.

After every event

    • Remove all perishables from the fridge when finished.(the fridge on the left is turned off and empty between events)
    • Remove all garbage from the hall including the small garbage bin behind the kitchen door. (We will empty the recycle bins)
    • Turn off the hot water heater (breaker).
    • Turn off all lights
    • Check to see all doors are properly closed when leaving.


Cutlery and tote boxes to bus tables are between the stoves.

Dishes, saran wrap, and paper napkins are in the center island.

Tablecloths, aprons, and extra tea towels are in the tote boxes to the left of the LH stove.

Bar supplies are in the cupboards to the right of the bar.

Paper towels, sink supplies, garbage bags and a rag to wipe up spills are under the triple sink.

General cleaning supplies and a pail are below the hand sink.

Brooms, etc. are in the staff washroom.

Bathroom supplies are in the vanities in the men’s and women’s washrooms.


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